Access Space & Refab Space at The Gallery at 35 Chapel Walk 5th to 8th of February

We'll be at The Gallery, 35 Chapel Walk (off Fargate) Sheffield

Open 10.30am - 5.30pm from Wed 5th though to Sat 8th Feb

Access Space are reaching out to Sheffield. For a week we'll be welcoming visitors to the Chapel Walk Gallery, showing people some of our participants creative output.

The exhibits include more than ninety artworks, designs, and commercialised products made by Sheffield people – many of which have been produced with digital technologies. As well, the gallery will be hosting workshops and discussions. This is an opportunity for the public to engage with new art, new ideas, new technologies and new ways of financing creative projects.

There will be a lot of other activity there throughout the week, all of it free and there's no need to book. Highlights include:

* On Wednesday 5th between 1pm and 3pm we will be showing how to build computers and how to extend the life of your Windows PC by installing ethical open source software. Come and talk to us about how easy it is to make the move to a Linux computer – the operating system and all the applications are free and you get free updates forever!

* Thursday 6th sees a demonstration of 3D Printing and a presentation about laser cutter, CNC routing and Refab Space (our DIY Fabrication Laboratory and Hackspace) by our resident technology guru and hardware hacker, John Moseley. Perhaps you have an idea for an enterprise start up which makes use of these tools? Come and talk to us! 1pm-3pm

* On Friday 7th between 1pm-2pm James Wallbank will give a free workshop about crowd funding and the possibilities of successfully raising money for your project or enterprise through Kickstarter. Last year, in his spare time, James launched his first crowdfunded project, which attracted more than £10,000 of backing.

* We'd like to invite you to a tea party between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday 8th, so please come down and bring some friends!

* Saturday also sees performer Paul Newman (not the pasta sauce person!) in the the gallery all day, engaging people with what he calls “Life Gamification” – making your life better by having fun!

It's going to be a great week. See you there!


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