Open Platform 4

Friday December 6, 2013 @ 18:00 - 20:00


@Access Space

Open Platform 4

We are worried. We want to have fun. We no longer want to queue outside over night for the latest gadget. We, the transitional generation, are forever trapped in a loop between the analogue and digital! In a world in which computational processes seem to run every aspect of our lives, we ask you:

How about switching off and going on?

OPEN PLATFORM/RAP(s) -TwT. is back! After three successful events we invite you to contribute and take part in OPEN PLATFORM_4 – TwT.codemehappy!

Experiment, perform, express, dance, present, sing, rap, read, or just tell us about your digital project or work - but without using anything digital! PLATFORM/RAP(s)-TwT. is open to anyone interested in re-thinking the digital and not limited to artists or professional performers/presenters.

Anything goes as long as it is about or related to digital technology, 1 to 10 minutes in duration and happening on some sort of platform: you can use the wooden platform provided (65x95cm) or make your own.

OPEN PLATFORM is a performative event that explores the digital with physical means and the fusion of performance and technology in the widest sense.

RAP(s) - Random Access Performances: OPEN PLATFORM_4- TwT.codemehappy will take place in the Access Space Foyer.

Please contact

Susanne: or Jake:

Further details can be found on the Facebook event and to learn more about the Random Process Experiment have a look at their blog.

Part of the Art Programme Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

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Open Platform 4
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