Score by lois palframan

Access Space invites you to the first performance of the latest work by artist lois palframan, “score”. In this collaborative concert a trio of musicians explore the implications inherent in the word, while projections of the artwork, running concurrent with the performance, provide the audience with added insight into the process. “The live and spontaneous interpretation by the musicians is some kind of resolution of the conflict between title and artwork”.

CHARLIE COLLINS waterphone & percussion
FAYE MacCALMAN clarinet & tenor saxophone
lois palframan visuals

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Thu, 1st Feb,

Doors open 7pm


lois palframan is an artist. She lives in Sheffield

Beatrix Ward-Fernandez is a UK based violinist and theremin player with an interest in all forms of improvised and contemporary composed music. Her trio has performed at the international theremin symposium “Hands Off”, while her audio installation, “Castillo de Luna “ (for theremin & waterphone) has been exhibited at the AC Institute in New York. Her music has been released on Discus, Found Property, Singing Knives, and Classwar Karaoke.

Charlie Collins is a creative percussionist, free polyrhythmic drummer, and sound artist, based in the UK. His work continues to explore the boundaries between pure sound and rhythm, frequently incorporating metal percussion and free improvisation. Early recordings for cult labels Industrial, Fetish, and Doublevision were soon followed by collaborations with many of the pioneers of free improvisation, while his interest in East Asian percussion and rhythm technique is displayed in current work with komungo player Eun-Jung Kim, pianist Yoko Miura, visual artist Bongsu Park, composer Ryoko Akama, and Butoh dancer Tsukasa Kamidate. He is one of a handful of musicians to have played both Derek Bailey’s Company Week and Top Of The Pops.

Faye MacCalman is an improviser, performer, and composer based in the North East of England. Playing clarinet, saxophone, and sometimes her voice, she works in a variety of contexts, exploring melodies, rhythm, story telling, and sound.
She currently writes for and leads the garage-jazz trio Archipelago, is a member of bodhran-reeds-piano Trio F-C-T, and The Ornette Coleman inspired John Pope Quintet, while also having a duo with percussionist Charlie Collins. Alongside this she has also recorded and toured with eclectic folk group The Unthanks, and teaches saxophone at Newcastle University and elsewhere.
Since being immersed in the creative music scene of Montreal in 2015, Faye has continued to forge links with artists internationally as well as nationally, including Wilbert De Joode, Olie Brice, Ab Baars, Ellwood Epps, Corey Mwamba, Graeme Wilson, Charlie Collins, Greta Buitkute, Rhodri Davies, Shelly Knotts, Ig Henneman, and Beatrix Ward-Fernandez.