Access Statement

The following access statement applies to Eulerroom, Algorave, TidalClub and related electronic music events at Access Space.

The entrance, gig space and toilets at Access Space are all step free and wheelchair accessible.

There are seats available for anybody who may need to sit down – if you need a seat and can’t find one please speak to one of the organisers on the event (there should be someone on the door at all times).

If you need to bring a personal assistant with you please contact Lucy at who will ensure they are put on the guest list.

There will be live visuals and these may contain strobing lights.

The bar is laid out on a table and is accessible to people for whom a high counter may be an issue.

There is a code of conduct in place detailing how we will deal with harassment.

Any questions whatsoever, or if there is any other information we could include in this access statment feel free to contact Lucy –

Inspired by the Attitude is Everything DIY Access Guide