The Two Sarahs, an exhibition by Brian Daines

January 31 – February 14

The Two Sarahs: Living with Chronic Illness:

Brian Daines is an abstract painter living in Sheffield. His paintings and photography explore the impact of the hidden, whether it be in the unconscious, in past history or somewhere in the present.

Both Sarahs have lived with a number of years adjusting their life to the effects and uncertainties of living with the effects of chronic illness. For both of them this has involved limitations on the possibilities in their lives that most of us take for granted: Freedom from pain, normal energy and physical ability to pursue employment, not feeling dependant on daily medications and so on.

Sarah 1 has life threatening cancer with regular health crises. Sarah 2 has the lasting effects of endometriosis and the surgery that was needed for this.

At the exhibition opening each Sarah will talk about the experiences they have, and Brian Daines about how he creates his work around the subject of the hidden.

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