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November 2018

Thursday 15th November 2018, Access Space

Eun-Jung Kim & Charlie Collins with Derek Saw

We welcome Eun-Jung Kim, Korean born komungo player and improviser, who is in the UK to continue her long running association with percussionist Charlie Collins. While exploring both traditional and contemporary techniques they create an improvised music uniquely informed by both non-Western and Western tradition.

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Saturday, 10 November 2018, Access Space

Katz Mulk, Hannah Ellul, Tom White & Kieron Piercy, Rob Lye


Sonic performances hosted by Singing Knives Records

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October 2018

Continues until Tuesday, 09 October 2018,  Access Space Labs

Twelve Months Notice VI – Having your Cake and Eating it – Installation

Twelve Months Notice is a work in progress by artist Susanne Palzer, happening on or around the 29th of each month until March 2019. TMN is hosted by Random Access Life and Access Space.

The installation is visible through the Access Space Labs window.


Thursday , 04 October 2018, 7-10pm, Access Space

Induction Meeting of the Holy Order of Logical Operators

Hack Circus presents an event developed at an Artist Residency at Access Space, Sheffield.

The committee of Worshipful Grand Masters invite you join to the Holy Order of Logical Operators as an apprentice. Should you wish to accept our offer, your induction will take place at the Lodge known as Access Space on October 4 at 1900, Earth 1 time. 

Lifetime membership to the Holy Order is £12/£8 concs, payable in advance, or in person at the airlock.

More info and tickets here.


Friday, 05 to Friday, 26 October 2018, Access Space

What is the right question?Monika Dutta & Jake Harries

Exploring the wider implications of creating work with and about wild plants the exhibition comprises of a short piece of writing and four photographs (one five meters long).

Opening times: 17/18/19 & 23/24/25/26 October – 11am-6pm


Friday, 05 October 2018, 7-10pm, Access Space

Pak Yan Lau & Charlie Collins

Pak Yan Lau brings her intriguing soundworld to Access Space for a concert with multi-percussion player Charlie Collins, prior to her October appearances at Café Oto and Newcastle Jazz and Improvisation Festival.

Tickets: £5 on the door


Sunday, 07 October 2018, 1-6pm, Access Space

Arduino, Sensors & Interactivity for Artists – Workshop with Toni Buckby

In this one day, small group workshop artist Toni Buckby will be introducing interactive electronics for your creative projects.

You will be guided through the use of Arduino microcontrollers, a variety of sensors and simple electronic components. We will also look at strategies for designing your own interactive projects as well selecting suitable platforms and components. No electronics or coding experience is required!

Tickets and info here.


Saturday, 13 October 2018, 11.45am-1.15pm, Access Space Labs

Foxdot Live Coding Workshop with Ryan Kirkbride

Curious about live coding and algorave? Join this beginners’ workshop, and try out the easy-to-pick-up yet strangely mind-boggling FoxDot software. No prior experience in coding (or music) necessary. Just bring yourself, a laptop, with the (free/open source) FoxDot software ready installed. Grab it here: http://foxdot.org/ Part of No Bounds Festival 2018.

Tickets: £5


Saturday, 13 October 2018, 1.30-3pm, Access Space Labs

Algorithmic drumming circle – Workshops – with Alex McLean

TidalCycles is a live coding environment often seen at Algoraves, focussing on the algorithmic manipulation of patterns. In this 40 minute hands-on, workshop, you’ll join 7 others in having a quick introduction to Tidal, explore some of the simple ways you can sequence rhythms, and try out a few functions for patterning those rhythms. We’ll then try some low-pressure algorithmic drumming circles, where we play algorithmic patterns together. The workshop will be lead by Alex McLean, an instigator of both TidalCycles and the Algorave movement.
Suitable for absolute beginners and up. All equipment will be provided.

Part of No Bounds Festival 2018.

Tickets: £5


Saturday, 20th October 2018, 7-8.30pm, Access Space

Dream Auction – Bongsu Park

In Korea there is an interesting culture of dealing with dreams. People who have had good dreams for example, such as one involving a pig which traditionally alludes to the arrival of wealth, can actually sell their dream to someone else. Any dream which has a positive interpretation has a value that makes it a desirable asset for someone else to acquire. Koreans buy and sell dreams for fun. Bongsu Park is going to make this transaction of an intangible asset more external and organized in the form of a public auction.

Bongsu Park will be performing with a live sound track by Ryoko Akama and Charlie Collins

Tickets: £5 on the door



Please note that out regular Wednesday Open Days have finished for now. We hope to have more next year. Watch this space!

Thursdays, 11am to 5pm, Access Space

Laser Cutting, by appointment, please contact John Moseley



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