Intangible Threshold – Touching Nature

“Reaching out to and touching nature became the subject of our photographs. Intending to reconcile with the lack of touch and the painful realisation of the consequential notions of withdrawal, we have devised the performative act of exchanging photographs by post to overcome the physical/digital divide. These photographs are physical objects, touched by us and able to travel in our place. These acts became substitutes by means of representation, which is an intrinsic property of the photographic medium. At the same time, they are artefacts of the process of investigation into and for our experiments around touch. The images we produced, and exchanged several times, visualise these attempts to reach out, and concurrently illustrate the many layers of this intangible threshold. Layering becoming a recurrent modality in the project.”

Intangible Threshold by Susanne Palzer and Camille Baker (October 2020)

You can watch a compilation of Touching Nature here.

Online Residency Programme 2020: Intangible Threshold – Camille Baker, Susanne Palzer