Online Residency Programme 2020

Camille Baker and Susanne Palzer – Intangible Threshold

Access Space is delighted to present ‘Intangible Threshold’, a collaboration between Camille Baker and Susanne Palzer for the Access Space Online Residency Programme 2020. 

Intangible Threshold investigates collaboration and the meaning of connection over distance through screens and available technology. Coming together as two artists from different backgrounds in performance, Susanne Palzer and Camille Baker were brought together to answer this question: what methods do we have at our fingertips to brainstorm, devise, and rehearse live performance in COVID times in 2020? Through performative acts, digital connection through cameras, as well as using video conferencing tools, they look at ways to comment on the meta-issues around distant relationships, virtual touch, connections with nature as replacement for human physical interaction, as well as the current restricted possibilities of performing live in-person. 

Thursday, 05 November 2020, 2pm, online event:

Baker and Palzer performed a short ‘choreography’ of a collection of gestures “live” over the internet, as part of the output of their remote residency experimentations and improvisations. The performance was followed by a conversation between the artists and Jake Harries, Access Space’ Director of Art and Innovation.

You can watch a recording of the performance and conversation here.

‘Intangible Threshold by Susanne Palzer and Camille Baker’:

A short essay describing the artists’ process and summarizing investigations and findings of the residency can be found here.

Camille Baker

Camille has been making and curating work in the interactive arts domain, from installation art to e-textiles and wearable technology, immersive experience design, mobile media art, interactive installation, the body in digital performance, media art curating, and using emerging technologies research and education in dance and performance for over 25 years. She is an interdisciplinary artist, curator and researcher with a background in digital and electronic art and design practices, working across creative digital disciplines. She makes work that explores use of unique methods and approaches to extending the body through or with the aid of technology, to explore expressive non-verbal modes of communication and extended embodiment through interactive and immersive art and performance. Her portfolio can be found at

Susanne Palzer

Susanne is a cross-disciplinary artist, independent researcher and performer based in Sheffield, UK. Her main practice investigates the intersection of digital and analogue forms, with a particular interest in the fusion of digital technology and physical performance. Palzer is the curator of OPENPLATFORM/RAP(s)-TwT., a series of micro events that explore the digital with physical means. Most recently she initiated Twelve Months Notice, a project which explores artistic strategies for negotiating the fundamentally changed situation following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. All aspects of her practice are concerned with what it means to be a human being in a shifting world and how we negotiate and continuously re-position ourselves in an environment of increasing disembodiment and continuous uncertainty. Susanne Palzer’s work has been shown in the UK, across Europe and in North America. Palzer has previously been a co-director at Access Space (UK). Twelve Months Notice; On/Off; OPEN PLATFORM