Arts and the Creative Process

Next event: Friday, 12 October 2018, 6-10pm Access Space

ame, in conjunction with Art and the Creative Process, are very happy to have Alison Blunt run this latest workshop, which will be followed by a concert. The workshop runs 6-8pm and the concert 8.30-10pm. The workshop is free. Concert: £4.00 on the door for non-participants.

More info here.

These regular gatherings/meetings, lead by Beatrix Ward-Fernandez, aim to bring together different visions of instant creation through a monthly meeting point where people can participate in live interaction with others – be it music, drawing, dance, poetry, crochet or sculpture – encouraging cross platform inspiration and collaboration, and opening up the possibilities and experiences within improvisation. A welcoming and encouraging environment for people to create something in that particular time and space. Each gathering looks at different methods of improvisation – sharing the creative moment, observing, and exchanging ideas.
The workshop is not only limited to music, all arts have an element of improvisation and are welcome. See our Facebook event feed for upcoming events.

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