Digital Fabrication for Artists 2018

Access Space is a digital arts and education charity – a creative space for individuals to design and make their ideas a reality. Access Space runs Refab Space, a shared workshop offering a range of hand tools and electronics equipment as well as a suite of rapid prototyping tools including a laser cutter, CNC router, vinyl cutter, 3D printer and digital embroidery machine.

Over the summer of 2018, Access Space will be running a complete course for artists focusing on the use of digital tools for creative fabrication.

Each session on the course will focus on how to use a particular tool effectively and safely as well developing the software skills to create your designs.

Watch out for more workshops soon!

Session 1 – Vinyl and Craft Cutting – 26 June 2018
Session 2 – 3D Printing – 11 August 2018
Session 3 – Hand tools and Workshop skills – 24 July 2018
Session 4 – Digital Embroidery
Session 5 – Interactivity
Session 6 – Laser Cutting


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