Induction Meeting of the Holy Order of Logical Operators – 4th Oct 2018

Hack Circus presents an event developed at an Artist Residency at Access Space, Sheffield.
The committee of Worshipful Grand Masters invite you join to the Holy Order of Logical Operators as an apprentice. Should you wish to accept our offer, your induction will take place at the Lodge known as Access Space, 3-7 Sidney St, Sheffield, S1 4RG, on October 4 at 1900, Earth 1 time. 

Lifetime membership to the Holy Order is £12/£8 concs, payable here, or in person at the airlock.
Please remember this is a ceremonial meeting with the opportunity to engage with a number of esteemed Grand Masters, so ensure you are attired accordingly. The boardroom is pressurised, any life-support suits may be left outside.

“I swear to seek the sacred proof, 
till the cursor becomes the beachball of truth”
To include contributions from the following Grand Masters:
* Dr Ralph Harrington (Technology historian)
* Rosa Cisneros (Dancer/researcher)
* Duncan Gough (Tech Lead at the V&A Museum) 
* Dr Sean Power (Philosopher)
* Dr Rune Nyrup (the Centre for the Future of Intelligence)
* Matheson Marcault (Games consultancy)
* Alex McLean (Musician/artist/researcher)
* Jake Harries (Musician/artist)
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