Mammary Mountain VR experience/installation at ArtBomb, Doncaster, 30 April – 4 May 2024

Mammary Mountain, a VR experience/installation by Tara Baoth Mooney, Maf’j Alvarez & Camille Baker, opens at ArtBomb in Doncaster on Tue 30th May and runs until May 4. Access Space has been supporting the project, and it would be in Sheffield for this time if we had a larger space to host it. Take a look at the website. You’ll need to book a place.

ArtBomb Hub, 60 Hall Gate, Doncaster DN1 3PB, contact if you need more info.

Mammary Mountain is an intimate performative VR experience that explores “dis-ease” within the body through the experience of breast cancer. This new interactive experience tells the stories of patient healthcare struggles, particularly on the hidden experiences of breast cancer treatment. Not appropriate for under 13 years olds.

This artwork is presented through a combination of interactive VR art installation and creative methodologies, audiences will partake in the stories of survivors, the treatments, and the often unspoken effects of the journey. Audiences are led through a visual and sound experience which has interwoven excerpts from survivors stories.

To book a place visit

A video trailer of the project is here

The experience of Mammary Mountain features a staged multimedia installation, set in a doctor’s office, where participants become “patients”. They are fitted with a hospital gown and haptic jacket, invited to sit in a special VR chair (pictured), and given a VR headset to wear, with which to experience the work.

This VR immersive experience, exposes the idea of “dis-ease” within the body and the bodies relationship to the broader context of the land. The artists hope this work ignites new public engagement, which will ultimately result in a more nuanced and holistic understanding of the experience.

Project website

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