Pass the Salt – video installation

Pass the Salt (2016) – Tara Baker, Lucy Haighton, Liliana Robins
Exhibition from 27 Jan – 24 Feb 2017
Pass the Salt is a video piece which explores concepts of table etiquette and shared moments. The work began as a live performance choreographed and performed by ShortcutDance (Tara Baker and Lucy Haighton) in 2013. Since its initial creation, Pass the Salt has maintained its original concept but has slowly evolved producing numerous different versions of the work. During a residency at Access Space in 2016, ShortcutDance had discussions towards the direction of a video art piece, focusing on the iconic hand choreography within the original live work. This is where artist Liliana Robins was invited to collaborate on the piece. Filming locations became a key element to the progress of the work, when the idea of using multiple public spaces were explored. These shared social spaces captured an essence of past and future intimacy between two people around a table. The editing of the video piece aims to capture the dancers full uninterrupted choreography through changing sets, but not scenes.
With special thanks to Access Space, Tamper Coffee, Fusion Café, Marmadukes, Site Gallery Café and Sheffield Tap.

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