About Home – Marney Walker and Jackie Leaver – Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th March 2023

Marney Walker and Jackie Leaver present work in progress from their Design Research projects

Opening times

Friday 3rd March 11am to 4:30pm

Saturday 4th March 11am to 4:30pm

Sunday 5th March 11am to 2pm

Access Space at Event Central, 26 Fargate, Sheffield S1 2HE

Do you know what you like? – Marney Walker

How much does the way things look matter to you? Marney’s research is exploring how design can support the expression of everyday aesthetic preferences in dementia. She is using visual ways to talk to people with and without dementia about what they like and why:

  • Lovely mug ugly mug uses a familiar everyday object to start the conversation
  • Colour choices provokes us to think about our personal preferences
  • Favourite spaces in the home are re-presented as models

Marney will be sharing some of her findings. There will also be a chance for you to reflect on your own likes and dislikes. Choose from a selection of mugs and colours. Is there a meaning or an association for your choices?

Marney has a combination of experience in design and occupational therapy. She specialises in advising on the design of inclusive and accessible housing. Central to her practice is investigating how the design of the environment impacts on our health and wellbeing.




From the inside out – Jackie Leaver

Jackie’s research focusses on the small, mundane and overlooked practices and materiality of the everyday, to explore possibilities for the future home and the inevitable entanglement with broader, complex global issues. 

Extending a precedent of the artist’s house as a site for research, her own house is the focus of the inquiry. Methods including close looking through drawing and photography are used to investigate the past and present of the domestic space, with a range of the images produced forming a key part of the exhibition. There will be an opportunity to interact with objects found in the house during renovations to explore potential unrealised future possibilities that the past might suggest.

Jackie is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Art & Design at Sheffield Hallam University, where she teaches across the MA Design programme.

Jackie and Marney are currently undertaking practice-based PhDs at Lab4Living as part of the 100-Year Life project funded by Research England. Lab4Living is an interdisciplinary research group of researchers in design, healthcare, and creative practices. It works to address real world issues developing products services and interventions that promote dignity and enhance quality of life.

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