An Introduction to Bespoke Synth – small group workshop , 18 Feb 2023

An introduction the Bespoke Synth, a very powerful free software synthesiser available for Mac, Linux and Windows. 6 places on this workshop

It is enormously powerful, but you might need a guide to get going with it.

It is free to download and use, and updates are free as well.

If you are already a whizz at it you probably don’t need this workshop, but we hope having been on it, you’ll be one in a short space of time!

Please note you will need to bring a few things to the workshop – see below.

Your workshop leader will be Richard Bolam.

Tickets available for £16.96 at

Bespoke Synth uses

– Complete digital audio workstation

– Rhythmic and tonal music

– Beat / loop-based music

– Live looping

– Generative music

– Sound design

– Midi routing

– VST / AU / LV2 plug-in host

Equipment required to be brought by workshop participants:

– Windows or Linux laptop with audio capabilities or a MacBook.

Anything made in the last ten years should run it, but if you want to test it before the workshop just to check, download the software and try a demo form this link and get the version for your o/s by clicking on Assets

– Headphones

– Midi keyboard

– 3 button mouse with scroll-wheel

The interface can seem daunting, but it is very sophisticated and Richard will guide you though the processes to create your own track.


You will learn:

To navigate the interface

To create your own rhymic sounds/voices

To create sequences

To join sequences together to create songs/tracks

To insert and use effects plugins


Bespoke Synth

Nightly builds – there are regular updates

Ryan Challinor – the author of the software

Adam Ribaudo – some excellent demonstrations – no talking

Free drum samples

Audio editing software

Audacity – free, open source

Ocenaudio – free

Free VST / AU / LV2 plug-ins

Surge XT

Full Bucket software

Cardinal modular synth

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