INTER/her, a multi-sensory, immersive art installation by Camille Baker, 15 Sept- 8 Oct 2021

Dates: Weds 15 Sept – Fri 8 Oct 2021

Opening times: 11:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday

Access Space at the Food Hall, (opposite the Site Gallery), 62 Brown Street, Sheffield, S1 4RF

Short listed for the 2021 Lumen Prize 3D/Interactive Award

“We need more work like this telling women’s stories…Fantastic.” Visitor feedback

“My first experience of VR and I loved it!” Visitor feedback

Artist Camille Baker’s new work INTER/her is a unique immersive artwork created using Virtual Reality, sound, and haptic experience to present a multilayered narrative which uses women’s individual stories to generate a collective voice that speaks of the impact of ill-health and disease of the female reproductive system.

The work has been developed with an all-woman primary team, with electronics and programming support from Paul Hayes with Andy Baker (final coding): Interaction designer Maf’j Alverez helped Baker design the overall environment, and concept artist Sarah Büttner developed the flower objects in the visual environment. Fashion designer Bushra Burge worked with her to develop fashion element of the haptic belt and electronics design, and sound artist Kat Austen designed the sound experience.

“I found the experience quite moving. It’s the fist time a digital artwork has had this effect on me.” Visitor feedback

Baker said: “The INTER/her project comes directly from my own experience in fighting – and winning – against ovarian cancer throughout 2016 and 2017. This intense battle gave me the imperative to make something personal through my art practice; to give something back to other women, based upon my own experiences and journey through the healthcare system. “ The ideas and development of the work emanate from experiencing women’s silence, conflicting information, and inconsistencies in support for women’s health.

The metaphor of journeying into the body echoes the experience of journeying through the system designed to provide healthcare. Employing a haptic belt worn by each viewer, sensations are felt on the body, which are triggered by the stories that play through the surround-sound audio inside the installation, which takes the form of a bespoke domed tent in the centre of the gallery space. Through this transference of physical sensation, viewers can share in an experience of the body that may resonate with theirs, or with the experiences of women they know.

More visitor feedback:

“Powerful experience…”

“Thank you for a great experience”

Visitors can share their personal experiences afterwards and record them if they wish.

Artist’s website

Dates: Weds 15 September – Fri 8 October 2021

Opening times: 11:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday

Tickets are £5.80 each. Please book here:

Pre-booking advised but not required, 40 minute slots are available for up to 3 people from the same family or support bubble. Cleaning will take place between sessions.


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