Dave Akehurst paintings – Reflections of Sheffield, July 30-13 August 2022

Exhibition 20 July to 13 August. 11am-5pm (closed Monday and Tuesdays).

Access Space at Events Central, 20-24 Fargate, Sheffield S1 2HE

Opening: Fri 19 July, 6-8pm

Dave Akehurst’s work is focussed on urban landscapes and reflections of his immediate surroundings. Sheffield’s own distinctive scenery provide him with the views
and settings for his paintings. There is a keynote of abstraction lying at the heart
of his work allowing a very personal take on picture making.

Dave Akehurst has a degree in Fine Art from what is now Portsmouth University, and later studied Theatre Design. Throughout the 1980s he worked as a set designer and stage carpenter in various theatres and studios in London.

For Dave, Sheffield has the right mixture of urban and rural. It’s unique
geography: the seven hills, “the golden frame” of its surrounding countryside
and its post-industrial landscape became the inspiration for his

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Enquiries: office@access-space.org

Tel: 07471120499

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