Steve Withington paintings – Go Monkey! 20 July – 13 August 2022

Exhibition: 20 July-13 August, 11am-5pm (closed Mon and Tue)

Access Space at Events Central, 26 Fargate, Sheffield S1 2HE

Opening event 6-8pm, Friday 19 July. All welcome.

Steve Withington is a Sheffield based artist who began his art career exhibiting his landscape photographs, mainly of the Sheffield area and the Peak District, in the the 1990s. He began painting and drawing monkeys (more accurately apes, and especially chimps) around the year 2000.

Separated by a mere six million years of evolution from ourselves, chimps are a reminder of our own animal nature. They are more like us than many people care to acknowledge.

Steve’s work elicites curiosity, and often laughter, with his sympathetic depiction of our near neighbour in the primate kingdom.

This exhibition is suitable for all ages.

Steve work is on display at one of two spaces which are Access Space’s new temporary home in the city centre.


Tel: 07471120499

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